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Media’s Role and Education 3

Media’s Role Education and Religion


Pakistan is an underdeveloped country and adversely its economy depends on its agriculture. Internal weakness in the country on the basis of national and regional attributes, economical conditions is negatively affected. (Buy  dissertaiton writing service from skilled writers of  Perfect Writer UK). Poverty is the biggest Pakistan’s social problem. However, this poverty is different in urban and rural areas of the country.


This chapter incorporated and analyzed the economic conditions in Pakistan with the context of increasing political instability and the role of media in the public awareness.(For academic help  buy thesis online). The chapter discussed the core economical issues in Pakistan such as economical resources and dependencies, financial affairs of the economy and the role of media in the spreading the true perception of country’s economical conditions.

In the first theme, the prevailing economical conditions of country analyzed; Pakistan’s economy is the 27th world’s largest economy in terms of purchasing power, in addition, the 45th largest in absolute dollar term. Pakistan has also a semi-industrialized economy which includes textiles, chemicals, and food processing. (Hire the best online essay help)  As Pakistan is agricultural country and more than 50% of its population is in rural areas which gives a vulnerable characteristics to country economy profile. However, Pakistan is one of those countries where literacy rate is comparatively lower and economy of country largely depends on the agricultural rather than on industrial sector.  However, poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy are at its worse due to adverse socioeconomic problem and are on a constant rise.

Diverse nature of socio-economic issues, such as lower education standards, lack of economic prospects, and disproportionate reach to avenues for social and economic recruitment are commonly prevailing in a country like Pakistan that undergoes the radicalization among the common people. (Place order if you want to get help with term paper). Unfortunately, this prevailing situation is because of displaying virtually all these symptoms. This is as a result of wrong domestic economic policy, utilizing top-down way of development, rather than economic empowerment of common public through the equal participation, incentives, education and training. Pakistan continues to show the above mentioned indicators as warning signals that are known to increase another state weakening factor.  (Order  custom case study in discount price). Moreover, Pakistan is one of those countries where there is fertility rate and makes the country growth rate higher than developed countries. (Get  assignment help from expert writers) The reason of high fertility growth in Pakistanis signified as Fertility preference. In Pakistan society fertility preference is incorporated into historical culture of the country and the majority of the common people prefer to have more than two children. Fertility preference has brought about different socio-economical issues. 

Media’s Role Education and Religion

The economic situation, economic problems and the factors contributing to the decline of Pakistan’s economy have been attributed to public awareness and this role of media has in turn impact on the economy. (Hire  research paper writer online) Since the mass media in Pakistan has experienced many ups and downs after the creation of Pakistan, this ups and down is associated with its role and impact on the economical awareness. However, the mass media play a role of cornerstone in a democratic society and performs a significant role in the sharing of important information for the economical, political and social system as well as being an important place for reflection and discussion among the important members of society. (Skilled writers are available to provide  coursework writing service online)Mass media, through its presentation of images and ideas, has enough ability to impact the public’s mind and manipulate their ideas and feelings as well as actions. In Pakistan role of media has been contradictory to the ideology of state due to weak and instable political institutions and diversified religious ideas. The instable political system has produced a common distrust of the political and religious parties among its common public. (We are expert to provide  project writing service). Electronic media, due to its efficacy, is rather capable to create an imaginative and constitutive characteristic of developed subjectivity.


While mass media is communicative through incorporating its ideas and presenting flow of content to people in a community by the means of the effects of opinion of leaders, and group of researchers. However, (Looking for experts to  buy report) the role of conversation itself plays in connecting innate presentation to media content to behavioral consequences. (Get homework help from the top academic writing company). Through repeating the imaginative sources in media lead its viewers to believe that what is being showed is true and thus changing their attitude towards that ideology.  Media is powerful mean in terms of manipulating minds and ideas but it has its effect if it cultivates information, social interaction, personal identity and a bit entertainment because common people prefer to absorb to what they see and what they like to see.

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