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Project Proposal - Advanced Online Reservation

1          Overview

‘Advanced Online Reservation’ highlights how the constantly changing world is embracing change for offering more efficient service delivery to the customers online. Cinema industry in the contemporary world has started recognising the importance of using technological advances in framing a competitive proposition (Hang, 2011; Baweja, 2009). Hire  essay writer online and avail achievement in academics. Online booking system are made for service marketing in order to prevent customers from the hectic physical travel to the booking office, to offer flexibility, convenience, cost reduction, and to direct the preferred choices for the movies, events, and seat selections.However, the main problem associated with the use of advanced reservation’s use case in the cinema booking system is related with the payment acceptance online. automated updating of a cinema booking reservation system cancellation (Hang, 2011).

The existing cinema booking systems available online allows the customers to make advance reservations effectively through the selection of preferred timeslot, movie, seating arrangements,but not with the preferred payment option. Most of the online cinema booking systems were cash basis for the payment. Selection of preferred payment option is referred as an efficient component of the service delivery software. Customers in the other service industries prefer paying via online modes such as PayPal, credit card payments (Baweja, 2009; Yang, 2017). An online payment feature can add a higher value for the online booking system. Students ask professionals to  write my dissertation cheap in UK. The proposed study tends to develop a cinema booking system for a client who does not already have the one for accepting reservations online. The design of the system is based on the requirement analysis associated with the acceptance of online payments and subsequent delivery of the tickets, including home delivery services as well as delivery of online code confirming reservation. The customers would be assigned an online code, which they can show at the counter while visiting the cinema for the movie. Upon redeeming the code, customers would be issued on-time ticket (converting the codes into the real ticket in the cinema) (Qiongwei Ye, 2017).

Online payment system is the core component of the proposed cinema booking system in this investigation. The proposed study tends to bridge the gap in the cinema booking system for making it more efficient for the advance reservations.The system should be efficient enough to benefit both the customers as well as the cinema management (in context of convenient and timely payment) (Baweja, 2009).

Keywords:[Advanced Reservation, Cinema Booking System, Online payment module, Efficiency, Service Delivery]

2          Aim

The aim of the proposed study would be to identify the‘timely and automatic updating’ use case for the cinema booking system in relation to the advanced reservation cancellation. The use case would be capable of benefiting both the customers as well as the cinema management. Developing an online cinema booking system for the client offering online service for the first time to the customers would consider expensive features while designing the system. Students can hire  best assignment writer in cheap price. The key features of an online cinema booking system would include a simplified booking process (ticket selling), responsive front-end, attractive themes, movies management, seats management, and a highly convenient payment module. Customers will be able to customise their orders easily and calculate payments for the reservation.Safe and secure encrypted transaction system would help in encouraging the customers to pay online and share their highly sensitive credit card information and financial details.

3          Objectives

The primary objective of this proposed investigation would be to identify the feasibility of the advanced reservation use case in making more efficient cancellations. To achieve thiskey objective, a comprehensive review of the similar applications available onlinewould be carried out. Ask Perfect Writer UK to  write my thesis for me at cheap rates. The review would help in analysing for the existing cinema booking system are offering their customers in terms of advanced reservation and its cancellation. Based on the findings, an improved and more efficient use case prototype would be developed. In developing the software, all the technical as well as functional details of the cinema booking system would be considered in order to make it convenient and flexible for both the customers as well as management.

The following is provided merely to illustrate suitable formatting of your objectives, activities and time estimates.

3.1 Literature Review

3.1.1 Acquisition of comprehensive technical and functional details associated with the standard cinema booking system and its advanced reservation use case

3.1.2 To research and understand the complete process of advanced reservation[0.5]

3.1.3 To research and understand how the advanced reservation system can efficiently work for the customers’ satisfaction[2.0]

3.1.4 To research and understand how the data updates can be integrated in the use case of advanced reservation system[1.5]

3.2 Design of the Prototype

            3.2.1 To develop criteria used for the design of the cinema booking system

            3.2.2 To draw an overview of the web application[0.5]

3.2.3 To design a data dictionary for the user guide

3.2.4 To design a customer efficient design of different modules of the online cinema booking system[1.5]

3.3 UML diagrams

3.3.1 To create UML diagrams for visualization of the design of system

3.3.2 To draw UML diagrams for different modules of the online cinema booking system[1.5]

3.3.3 To draw class diagrams for different modules of the online cinema booking system to gain understanding of the actions and processes involved at each stage[2.0]

3.4 Initial Prototype‘Advanced Reservation’ Software

3.4.1 Creation of an online cinema booking system, comprising of different customisable modules

            3.4.2 creating a database using SQL database[3.0]

            3.4.3 creating a website using C# individual visual studio[1.5]

3.5 Prototype Two Testing Phase

3.5.1 Development of a tested online cinema booking systems[5.0]

            3.5.2 testing the different modules of system[6.0]

            3.5.3 Adding menus and prices to the web pages[5.0]

            3.5.4 Allowing customers to sign up[2.0]

            3.5.5 Allowing customers to customise movies, dates, seats, payment mode[5.0]

            3.5.6 Allowing customers see other visitor’s recommendations[5.0]

            3.5.7 Web pages’ customer testing[5.0]

3.6 Prototype Three: Operational Working System

3.6.1 To initiate the routine operational working of the developed online cinema booking system[5.0]

3.6       Project Framework or Any Methodology used

Initial focus of the project would be to gather the user requirements (Ślęzak, et al., 2009). Secondly, regular meetings would be arranged with the client to discuss the progress and any change needed in the different business cases of the online cinema booking system. Thirdly, the prototype of the website would be developed. In the fourth stage, the developed prototype would be tested before making it available for the operational use. The last stage of the project would be based on the comprehensive documentation of all the progress for the user guide (Ślęzak, et al., 2009).

4          Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional


Working in an online environment is subjected to adhere and compliance to range of legal, social, ethical and professional issues related with the management of customer data. In context of legal issues, it is highly necessary to ensure that clients details are protected while they are accessing and sharing it with the website. Buy  coursework writing service online. Compliance of The Computer Misuse Act (1990) would be considered as a priority. Secondly, The Data Protection Act (1998) requires the online businesses to look after the data usage with customers’ acknowledgement. Privacy and confidentiality of the customer data would be insured in order to keep it safe from the hackers (Keyser& Dainty, 2004).


Additionally, on the other side complete encryption would be considered in dealing with the sensitivity of data. Buy  academic writing service by most qualified and experienced writers. The Internet transactions are highly vulnerable to viruses and hackers’ attacks. Therefore, for the encouragement of online payments, the system must ensure security of the financial information shared by the customers. By focusing on this social issue, the proposed cinema booking system would be able to initiate a change in the existing cinema industry. A shift from cash-based system towards the online payment system would be a transformational step towards the progress and growth of the cinema industry (Guida, et al., 2013).


Besides legal issues, the online cinema booking system would also comply with the ethical requirements in dealing with the customers. The contact information of the customers would never be used for unnecessarily or involuntarily promoting the business services. Customers would be sent frequent updates only if they require.


The proposed system would aim to benefit both the customers and the client by focusing on their specific needs to minimise cost, effort and maximise profit and convenience. Not any of the components in the different modules of online booking system would lead to differentiation based on gender, race, ethnicity, nationality. Since the project is based on the analysis of the other websites and software available on Internet, therefore no personal contact with the users or customers of the cinema booking system would be made. On the other side, for gathering user requirements, client meetings and interview for the progress would be conducted in professional manner, considering respect and integrity (Qiongwei Ye, 2017).

5          Planning

Planning of the software development project would be based on the list of activities and steps needed to achieve the above stated objectives. Hire online  research paper writer by Perfect Writer UK and save big amount. The methodology of the current project would be based on the evolutionary prototyping, which is a life-cycle model to exhibit the development of system in incremental stages. Evolutionary prototyping allows the software developer to modify the different use cases and modules simultaneously in order to integrate the client feedback (Guida, et al., 2013).

Furthermore, test driven development (TDD) would be used as an instructional base for the developers to write new code upon the failure of an automated test. The use of TDD approach would be helpful in fixing the loopholes before the release of the system. The approach is highly effective in detecting and reducing the amount of bugs in programming codes, before these multiply in the design phase or in the requirement phase. For the successful and effective implementation of the TDD approach NUunit would be used as a free open source tool. NUunit works with .NET that is developed as a outline for assisting automated unit testing (Paranj, 2017).

At the design stage, comprehensive storyboarding would be done for sketching how the components in different modules of the online cinema booking system would be organised. Get  homework help online. Storyboarding would specifically help in understanding the process of accepting online payments from the customers (Guida, et al., 2013).

Furthermore, UML diagrams would be made for visualising the system based on the storyboarding findings in the design specifications developed. UML diagrams are identified as standard language to highlight specifications, visualisations, construction and documentation of the system artefacts (Guida, et al., 2013).

In developing a system, it would be highly necessary to constantly monitor the storage space and the compatibility of the database in order to make it user-friendly.

Planning for the different stages of the project is based on the interdependencies among the different activities.

6          Initial References

Research titled as“Design and Implementation of Cinema Online Booking System” offers significant findings to reference in this project. Buy  project writing service online in UK. The detailed illustration of the Shanghai ticket and its booking system to allow users online can help in extracting relevant information about the technicalities and functionalities necessary to associate with an online cinema booking system (Hang, 2011).

Another study titled as“Analysis on Online Payment Systems of E-Commerce” would further help in understanding how the online payment module should focus on convenience and quick transaction attributes in order to make the system more efficient for the customers (Yang, 2017).

Likewise, investigation titled as“Online Cinema Ticket Booking System”, would help in understanding the key insights about the use of database management system (DBMS) such as SQL, C#, Visual Studios (Baweja, 2009).

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