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Academic Referral Program

For spreading our broad range of services to maximum customers, we have unveiled our‘Referral program’, empowering both customers and our team. As is the case, our pool of customers expands while individuals referred are equally rewarded.

Tracking Progress and Earnings

Members can promote our platform using their preferred methods of marketing. Rest assured, your earnings are quantifiable and well-deserved. Our referral page is highly organized and well-mapped out:

  • Quantity of referred friends
  • Quantity of hired writers from your referrals
  • Net earnings deposited

Advertising Avenues

There are multitudes of methods for promoting our platforms depending upon the individual’s preference, including:

  • Forum postings
  • Discussion groups
  • Facebook groups
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Blog promotion
  • Newspaper ads

Maximize Earnings with our Best Referral Program

Add vital supplementary cash by signing up with our in-house referral program.

Yes, an added source of income, at our behest is just what our writers would need. Amidst honing your writing skills, filling up orders and business processes, invest your spare time in reaping rewards of an extra monetary source, with our referral scheme. It is a win-win situation for both parties concerned.

Since business and hiring never stops at Perfect Writer, it makes sense to have maximum hired help for completing pending projects. With in-depth knowledge of academic domain coupled with writing prowess, new invitees are embraced with open arms. Moreover, the referred clients will also attain discounts on first time service acquirement. Our system is fully transparent and all the customer activity is shown on dashboard.

How to Enter our Referral Program?

For partaking in our referral scheme, the members will simply open our referral page. There are concrete benefits of registering with our referral program. The following steps are designed for an easy entry into our referral program:

  • Sign in with our website and open our referral program page
  • Copy the given link specified with the URL address
  • Market and promote the website’s page with colleagues, relatives and acquaintances
  • Earn 10% discount on eachorder placed from your referred colleagues

Terms for our Referral’s Program

Keeping our policy for referral’s approval in context, the following postulates are binding on all our incoming referrals:

  • As per our charted referral program, we ensure payments to our promoting clients for their active involvement in our promotion program
  • Payments are deposited into client’s existing account on our website on the condition that clients place their order and acquire our services. In any case, otherwise, payment is not disbursed
  • Payment is disbursed on the condition that referred customers enter our platform via your prescribed URL
  • Payments are not disbursed on cancelled orders
  • With each approved referral, the client is notified with our emailing system
  • We reserve the right to close/ withdraw the referral program as we please
  • There is no bar for a number of referrals made. It’s entirely up to the client’s efforts
  • Any arising disputes will be dealt with our management

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