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Essay Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Essay may sound to be easier but in reality, an essay is a daunting task and many students end up writing chunks of contents and text calling it an essay. An academic essay is comprised of various elements including logical organization, smooth flow, command over language, and grip on the topic. Many students appear to know what it takes to write a good essay however a mainstream of students does not know what mistakes to avoid to write a good essay. Here, you will know different mistakes that should be avoided to come up with an essay paper without the  best essay help from a professional.

Writing a Synopsis rather than Analytical Essay

First and foremost, the essay writing should be more like an analytical paper rather than merely a synopsis. Many students often summarise the content from the sources without analyzing and evaluating the information. It makes the essay a summary rather than an essay. So, it is a must to be careful about being analytical rather than being descriptive.

Not Having a Strong Thesis Statement

Most students make mistake of not having a strong thesis statement when it comes to writing a thesis. They do not even understand what is meant by the thesis statement. A thesis statement is your main argument point that you either support or oppose in the essay. If you do not have a strong thesis statement in your essay, your essay will be poor with weak arguments.

Using Too Many Quotes in An Essay

Many students prefer having a number of quotes in their essays. They think that having too many quotes will make their essay supreme quality essay written by the best essay writer. However, the truth is quite opposite. Using quotations may make a difference but too many quotations can make your essay with less argument.

Plagiarism or Copied Research Materials

Plagiarism is an academic crime and no student should commit it. A mainstream of students does not know how to paraphrase content and they end up copying the research materials from other sources. However, having plagiarism and copied materials in the essay can lead to serious punishment and penalties from the university.

Making Grammar& Spelling Mistakes

Grammar and spellings are the core of language and to show that you have command over English, you must avoid grammar and spelling errors. If you want to have a perfect essay with no grammar and spelling mistakes, you should read it over and over again. You can also use software like Grammarly to ensure that there are zero grammar and spelling mistakes.

Not Having a Reference list or Bibliography

Having a reference list or good bibliography is a must when it comes to writing a perfect essay. Firstly, you must cite every information of your essay along with providing a reference and bibliography list. Without them, your tutor will consider your work as copied or result of your own thoughts and ideas that are not acceptable. However, in this regard, it is important that credible sources are used in the essay.