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Plan Your Assignment Writing Task

Writing an assignment can be a tricky task if it is not properly planned and executed accordingly. Hence, it is strongly recommended to break down the assignment task into small tasks and go about each sub-task to ensure that assignment is executed according to the plan. Planning an assignment begins with the identification of a sub-task. The main sub-task of writing an assignment includes selecting a topic, finding related materials, outline the assignment, jot down the materials to meet the outline of the assignment, and then edit and proofread the assignment. Apparently, assignment planning sounds very simple but it can easily trap you if you do not have a good practice. Here, we bring you top tips for how to plan the assignment that guarantees you top grades if you have not enough money to hire assignment writing service.

Step 1: Plan and Prepare

In the first step of the planning, you must determine the aim and purpose of your assignment. You can do it by analyzing the keywords used in the assignment question, understanding the marking criteria and assignment guidelines. Do not get trapped with the marking criteria and forget about the learning outcomes. You should also focus on the learning outcomes to understand what you are expected to reflect in your assignment.

Step 2: Research and Take Notes

Once you are done with understanding the requirement, the next step is to dig out the topic by carrying out the research to find out relevant research materials available related to the topic. The research material must be related to the topic and should cover a wide area. Along with the research, you should also take notes of the research materials and highlight the key research materials you have found.

Step 3: Write the First Draft

You have understood the topic and conducted the initial research. Now you have the notes taken from the initial research. In the third step, you have to turn the notes into a draft. The first draft includes outlining the assignment structure and putting the main and key ideas to put under each section of the assignment. Since it is an initial draft, it does not have to be a perfect piece. However, it does not mean that it should be a senseless piece of paper.

Step 4: Revise and Re-Draft

Another step is to refine and extend the draft. This step is very crucial and many students get stuck at this step. The best way to get through this step is to go through the first draft and rewrite to refine if necessary. Once done, go for describing and analyzing more to develop your argument. Try to support your statements and argument with as many references as possible.

Step 5: Proofread and Submit

This is the last stage of planning your assignment. At this stage, you are required to proofread your assignment over and over again before it is finally ready for submission. After the proofreading, if there are discrepancies and errors, fix them immediately. Make sure that there are no grammar errors or non-paraphrased contents in the assignment. Once done with the proofreading your assignment is ready for submission. Now celebrate your victory!