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Privacy Policy

At Perfect Writer UK, we followed and implemented strict privacy policy rules to keep our client satisfied concerning to the use of their personal and academic information. Our privacy statement is associated with all of our products and services such as writing, editing, rewriting, proofreading, and drafting. Our privacy statement is also about the protection and use of website and website’s content, which allow our visitors and user to safely and securely use our website. Thus, by maintaining privacy policy, we try hard to maintain the reliability and validity of our website and its content. We follow following privacy policy and security statement:

Our Policy for Use of Cookies

Cookies refer to the small files that transferred to the system of user through web browser when an individual visit our website. According to our cookies policy, we make the use of cookies to personalize the online experience of visitors and users of our website. The cookies help us to analyze web traffic and help us in recognizing our website visitors individually. With the help of cookies, we also able to improve our website as per accord to our customer needs. However, it is inform to you that whenever you visit our website some cookies files are transferred to your system that used by us for statistical analysis purpose that will be removed automatically from our system after specific time period.

Web Browsing Policy and Rules

According to our web browsing policy, when a customer or visitor visits our website, our auto-generated system integrated with our website robotically detect and save some of their information and data such as IP address, website visited time and date, and some information about the operating system with the help of which you access our website. Thus, these record keepings help us to stay up-to-date about the visitors of website and help us in improving visitor’s experience.

Information We collect from Our Visitors

It is our policy of collecting information that whenever someone visited our website or especially when customer placed an order or get registered to our website, we ask them to provide some personal and academic information by considering it mandatory. These mandatory information include the name of customer or visitor, credit card information if used, e-mail id, name of accurate country or region from where client is belongs, accurate phone number and so on. Thus, it is a part of our company policy that we obtained this information from the client only to process order quickly, and enhance the efficiency of our writing services. Also, it is informed to you that we always keep provided information confidential and will be deleted after specific period of time.

Customer’s Information That We Use

Through our use of information policy, we informed our customer that we use their provided information for specific purpose only. Such as we use your e-mail address and phone number to make contact with you and to keep in touch with you; we use information about the location so that we able to write your paper according to the academic standards of that country; and we save the time of registration or placing an order that enable us to deliver order on time; and we use academic information to write your paper according to the requirement of your institution. However, it is our pledge that we keep all of your provided information secure and never shared or sold to anyone also we never use your information for any kind of marketing purpose.

We have Right to Customize Our Privacy Policy

At Perfect Writer UK, We are merely responsible to change or amend our custom privacy policy any time or whenever it required changes to make it better and comprehensive for our customers. Therefore, it is requested to our customers that you have to keep visiting our privacy policy page time to time in order to stay up–to–date about the changes in privacy policy.